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Thank you to every one involved,
this was the best Summit ever!

Buffer Fund

At the extremely successful 2014 DENTASA AGM, the vast majority of the 400 members’ present, proposed and voted that each dental technician member of DENTASA will be responsible to pay a ONCE OFF R500 towards a “Buffer Fund”.

This money will be invested and kept as a saving should anything unforeseen happen in the Profession. This levy is additional to your annual membership fees and is due for payment by the end of September 2014.

What DENTASA did for me in 2013.

*             Drafting Regulations regarding the Scope of Practice and Profession for Dental Technicians.

*             Implementing 27 new 9000 codes on the list of tariffs.

*             Insuring and rectifying that Denis pays for all four 9700 if used.

*             With the combined efforts of Oliver Meier, his team of knowledgeable technicians and DENTASA, negotiations have started to open a Register at the HPCSA for Clinical Dental Technology.

*             Through the persistence of DENTASA, two of its members are serving on the Dental Technicians Trust Fund.

*             DENTASA serves on the Oral Health Forum hosted by SADA offering valuable input.

*             Members of the Exco attend every SADTC Council meeting.

*             DENTASA made submissions to the SADTC for the urgent inspections of all UoT.

*             DENTASA insisted that SADTC elections are flawed, long legal battle began.

*             Hosted a hugely successful Summit and AGM.

*             Repeatedly inquired to CMS about Medical Aids paying patient and not service provider when charging more than Medical Aid tariffs, eventually informed that CMS has no jurisdiction over the way payments are made.

*             Attended a myriad of meetings at the DoH with regards to the SADTC election. DENTASA obtained legal opinion, and after much pressure, the Minister of Health agreed that elections are to be re-done.

*             DENTASA has been invited to SABS to formulate standards development actively.

*             DENTASA placed pressure on SADTC to hold promised workshop, President of Council opted out of promise due to expense.

*             Had meeting with Mihlothi Mushwana from the DoH (Director Public Entities Governance). Personally handed her all relevant documentation re Clinical Dental Technology . Received reply from DoH after all these years to apply for register to be opened by HPCSA. Application was send to HPCSA, and they acknowledged receipt thereof.

*             DENTASA is involved in the refurbishment of TuT, a great prospect for the future.


*             DENTASA has struck a wonderful deal for members with the McCarthy Group. So far Nissan and Renault have come aboard and talks are well underway for the rest of the brands that the group sells. Factory price plus 4% and the group is also discussing preferred rates with Banks.

*             DENTASA has secured PPS for its members with a B-Tech degree.

Debit Order Competition

Congratulations to Jaco van Zyl from Connoisseur Dental Laboratory for being the lucky winner of the free DENTASA Summit & AGM 2014 ticket!!!




If you like the idea of getting things done by doing nothing at all, then paying your DENTASA account automatically should be right up your street.

By arranging payment by debit order you will have one less thing to worry about and more time to do the things you want to do.

No more worrying about due dates and the inconvenience of transferring funds electronically or manually every month.

Besides being really convenient, a debit order is safe, on-time every time, and more planet-friendly.

Arrange one today and you won't have to lift a finger again.


Simply complete the debit order form and email to dentasa@absamail.co.za

or fax to 086 233 7122

Double Invoicing

We urge all Technicians that are aware of this illegal practice to report it to DENTASA head office.

DENTASA will then report this unscrupulous practice to the relevant authorities. The laboratory will remain anonymous.

How does DENTASA help you to get CPD credits?

From 2012 you can get at least 27 credits just for being a member, attending the AGM and branch meetings and completing the SADTJ questionnaires!

SMS Alerts

Auto opt-out system for SMS alerts.

When someone replies with an opt-out message (STOP, OPT-OUT or similar opt out message), the SMS gateway automatically adds their number to a blacklist that is linked to the DENTASA account. Once a number has been added to this blacklist, the gateway will not send any further messages to that number, if the message originates from the DENTASA account.

If you want to have your number removed from the blacklist please contact WinSMS on 0861 WINSMS (0861 94 67 67) during office hours Mon-Fri 08:30-17:00.



Employment of Students

If there are any laboratories that are interested in employing students please contact the DENTASA office on (012) 460 1155.

We will compile a list which will be made available to the different Universities in the different provinces. Your assistance will be highly appreciated!


Members suggested that, from now on, some DENTASA Newsletters and a part of the web site must be for Members only.

To enter the "Members Only" area.

As username:  Enter your surname and first name (all one word, no spaces, using NO CAPITAL LETTERS) and your DENTASA membership number as password, again lower case only.

For example

USERNAME: jansenvanvuurenanne-marie

PASSWORD: 0987dt

or 0987dts if you are a student.

About this site

DENTASA is a voluntary association and advocacy group to promote the interests and needs of the dental technology industry.


We hope to bring you the political news, activities and legislation affecting dental technology as well as DENTASA matters and events.


DENTASA is an association for registered dental technicians to join, where relevant matters affecting the industry can be discussed and a common standpoint can be achieved and advocated for by the association to the relevant regulatory body.


The stronger the association is in membership, the better DENTASA can work towards advancing the industry to a level where the public can respect and appreciate the work of dental technologists.

What will you find at "Members Only"?


  • Jobs: Technicians wanted / Technicians looking
  • For Sale: Items "For Sale" , or "Looking for..."
  • The Deadbeat Dentist List
  • Annual General Meeting Minutes
  • The latest official documents like the NRPL and new Regulations
  • E-Alerts
  • BHF Documents
  • Gold Permit Documents
  • Sample documents and forms
  • General information regarding:

Direct Claiming

Medicross Invoices

Legal Opinions

Pension Fund


Consumer Protection Act



How to enter the "Members Only" area.


Username:  Enter your surname and first name (all one word, no spaces, using NO CAPITAL LETTERS) and your DENTASA membership number as password, again lower case only.

For example

USERNAME: jansenvanvuurenanne-marie

PASSWORD: 0987dt

or 0987dts if you are a student.

Enter "Members only"


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