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DENTASA Summit 19-20 July 2019,
Century City Conference Centre
Cape Town! 

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Still looking for Accommodation close to the Century City Conference Centre?????

The Colosseum Luxury Hotel has graciously offered a special price to all Delegates attending the DENTASA Summit! Rooms available 18 – 20 July 2019.

 R1390 Single Deluxe Suite

 R1710 Double Deluxe Suite

 This is 10% off their public rates!

 Walking distance from the Century City Conference Centre.

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Please note: The Century City precinct is an office hub and traffic will be hectic Friday morning and afternoon, please make your travel and accommodation plans keeping that in mind. We will be starting 9:00 on Friday.

 No traffic, no Ubers, no hassles, just comfort and friendly faces!

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Fish Eagle – “Don’t quack like a duck, soar like an Eagle”

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carry us across the ocean, not in the sky…”

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the early worm gets eaten…”

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Mr. Hendrik van den Berg: Healthcare funding in South Africa – Post Elections and beyond
Mr. Christopher Adamus: Dentures going digital. Design and manufacturing possibilities
Mr. Douw Grobler: Treatment planning in the digital dimension
Mr. Mattheus Boxhoorn: The IvoclarVivadent Prosthetic System BPS goes digital
Mr. Andre Buys: The Anterior Shade Matching Journey
Mr. Lourens Oberholzer: Discover the Evolution of Retirement and learn to Prosper financially
Mr. Darron Chidrawi: Impartial - 21st Century Chromes 
Choose any of the following to attend:
Mr. Zak Gordon: Balanced occlusion
Createch – a Straumann Group company Mr. Xabier Egurbide: Screw-retained solutions  
available through CAD/CAM
Dental Warehouse Me. Andrea Schepers: Precision, power and control with 
digital orthodontics from 3shape
Southern Implants Dr. Andrew Ackermann: New take on the Passive Abutment
The Society for Clinical Dental Technology
Assignment Rubics: Assessing students nationwide
Prof. Hendricks & Dr. Patel: Surgical and prosthodontic rehabilitationof the resected mandible
HPCSA discussion
Mr. Eddy Bakker: Know your camera with special emphasis on Dental Photography

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Thank you Dental Warehouse for sponsoring the drinks on Friday evening at the
DENTASA Cocktail

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 These are interesting times: a combination of technical innovation, new legislation, and crummy economy.

As a dental technician, you can’t escape any of the three.

But you can learn how to keep up with the innovation, take advantage of the growth, and survive the downturn.

That’s where we come in.

We take our mantra — provide practical, no-fluff, how-to — very seriously.

If you’ve joined us before, you know that.

If you haven’t, please check us out


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